About LOBC
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A day at LOBC

Your day at the Bible school starts at 8:00 with 45 minutes in worship and prayer, which definitely gives a start to the day!
After that the day continues with three lectures on various important and exciting topics, with experienced teachers. Between and after classes there is time for refreshments and fellowship, and the opportunity to ask questions to the teachers. The lessons end at 11.40.
Prayer School
Every afternoon 12:15 to 13:15 the Prayer School is open, where you can join and ask for current prayer requests and spend time with Jesus. The Prayer School is not mandatory but highly recommended for those who are able to attend.
For students arriving on a student VISA, the Prayer School is mandatory as well as an additional two hours of self-study at the school facilities each school day.

Studying in Uppsala

Word of Life Bible Centre has, besides the Swedish Year 1, also an international course, where all teaching is in English. Normally, we receive students from 20-25 countries per school year, and because the prayer, worship and coffee breaks are common, it puts a lovely and colorful touch to the whole school and allows you to make new friends from around the world.
Students in LOBC also meet once a week for prayer and fellowship in home groups. Also provided are other fun activities like tours in Uppsala, big party nights, and many other activities during the school year.

Home groups

During the year at LOBC you will get lots of new friends in the home groups that meet once a week to pray, talk and have coffee, and get to know each other better.
Another wonderful opportunity for prayer is the bible school’s morning prayer, half an hour each morning. To be able to worship God every morning together with several hundred other Bible school students is really the best possible start to the day!

Fees for LOBC

The cost of the entire Bible school year is SEK 13 300, of which SEK 300 is paid as an application fee (from the 16 of August the application fee doubles to SEK 600). The remaining SEK 13 000 will cover all tuition and all course books. The fee will be paid in parts beginning at the first school day on SEK 4 000, the second in the end of October on SEK 3 200. The Spring semester will be paid  in January 31 (SEK 2 900) and March 31 (SEK 2 900).


There are many different possibilities for accommodation in Uppsala. Rental contracts can be found via the municipal landlord indexes, but the best value is often be to find short term contracts or rooms for rent in a family. At Word of Life, there are often ads on the bulletin board where church members post available apartments to Bible school students. There you can also put up an ad that you’re looking for a place to stay. E-mail info@livetsord.se to find out more about how you can advertise there.