Equipping the Church
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Equipping the Church

Equipping the Church (previously called “2nd year”) is a course – one semester (25/ 8-18/ 12) – consisting of both Bible studies and field studies. The course is designed as a collaborative course with LOBC and Dalkarlså folkhögskola and is given in Uppsala. Part of the study time is divided into two profiles – Global missions & Church work Europe.

Here is the opportunity to develop and grow within these specific areas. The difference between the two profiles is mainly marked by the choice of country of field studies, the specialist knowledge of the mentor, and some subjects.

A highlight during the semester is the three week long missionary journey that is conducted where the participant is able to choose from a variety of destinations such as Vietnam and India.

Head teacher, Simon Ahlstrand

Course content is divided into four blocks:

  1. Field studies in other countries
  2. Building the Church
  3. Leadership
  4. Mission Knowledge

School tuition: SEK3000 incl. all literature
The course is CSN-eligible for full-time studies.