Accommodation & Work


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There are many opportunities to rent both rooms and entire apartments in Uppsala. Here you will find an overview of different places you can look for accommodation.

In general, it is important to be aware of the choice of landlord. Be careful that you sign contracts with notice period and other guidelines.


At, both private landlords and companies put out apartments and rooms for rent. Here you can easily find something that fits your criteria by limiting your search.



Facebook can be a good place to find accommodation. Here are various groups such as “Boende i Uppsala” (“Accommodation in Uppsala”) and Facebook Marketplace where landlords put out housing for rent. When applying to Bible School, you can also join the group “LOBC 2023-24” and contact other future Bible School students. Here you will also find available accommodation via members of Livets Ord and you can write a post yourself with your needs.



At Livets Ord there is a notice- board where you can advertise if you need accommodation. Email documents with finished text and picture(s) (optional) to The text should include that you are attending Bible school, what you can pay in rent and state your contact details.


Find work in Uppsala

It’s possible to work part time during the bible school year during the afternoons and weekends. Some jobs are possible to apply for without knowing Swedish, but the majority of jobs require you to be able to speak Swedish. Therefore, we do not recommend that you depend on having an income during the bible school but would rather recommend you save up prior to attending. 

For students who are applying for a residence permit, the Swedish Migration Board requires you to have the necessary finances in your private bank account before you apply. Furthermore, the “other studies” residence permit does not include a work permit and there isn’t any guarantee that you will receive one. In order to apply for a work permit, you are required to have a job offer.

With this said, there are quite a few resources available for those who are looking for jobs in Sweden. First of all, there is the Swedish Public Employment Agency ( which offers information, advice, and support.

Secondly, it is advised that you join the Facebook group Jobb i Uppsala, which is a tool many employers use to find their employees. However, make sure that whoever contacts you is a trustworthy source, and be wary of anyone that asks for money to start the application process. 

Lastly, if you are looking to work for a specific company at a specific location, you should get in contact with the company itself.

Otherwise, here is a list of websites you can check out to find available jobs: 


Recruitment agencies with job listings: