Your Bibel School in Uppsala, Sweden. We will teach you about the bible, prepareare you for a life with Jesus and send you out on mission around the world.
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A foundation for the future

The bible school addresses important and interesting areas within the Christian faith in order for you to grow into an outreaching and adventurous life with Jesus, where ever your way in life will bring you.

Theory and practice

A unique mix between theory and practice ensures true quality during the year where you devote yourself to get to know God and grow more into the likeness of Jesus Christ


Where you go for the missions practicum is your choice. There are several options, from going to India, Central Asia, Europe, to do the practicum in Sweden.

Word of Life Bible Centre in Uppsala has more than 13000 graduates which have attended one or two years, which makes it the most popular bible school in Scandinavia. A total of 25000 students have graduated the bible school in some of the 16 countries where the bible school is run. The unique experience, the great environment and unique mix between theory and practice, ensures true quality during the important year that you set aside to get to know God and grow more inte the likeness of Jesus Christ.
The first year at Word of Life Bible School lasts one academic year and lays a broad foundation with both theory and practice. After this year you can – immediately or later – also attend the second year course: a one semester advanced course with a special focus on missions. It runs for fall semester.



The Spirit and the Gifts

How you can be led by the Holy Spirit and learn how to function in His gifts


About the angels, the spiritual world and freedom from the influence of evil

The Bible

What is the Bible, what is its origin and how can I know that it is the Word of God?

The Epistles

Historical context, content and themes in Paul's letters


How can my communication with God deepen and develop? How to get answer to prayer.

Authority of the Believer

About the immense power in the name of Jesus and how it can be released

The Old Testament

A survey of the epochs of the Old Testament and its salvation story


How I can improve in sharing my faith in Jesus with others

Family and Relations

Building the time as single, marriage, and family to become what God intended

Preparation for Ministry

How you prepare in the best way for what God has for you after bible school

Covenant and Redemption

What did Jesus actually do for me on the Cross?


How do I handle the gifts and resources God has given in the best way?

The Character of God

Who is God, and how you can get to know Him better


To receive, live in and minister healing from God


About God's Plan and Purpose with the Land of Israel and the Jewish People

Life and Ministry of Jesus

What did Jesus actually say, do, and teach - and why?

Church History

About the history of Christians and Christianity from the biblical times to contemporary time


How you fulfill the Great Commission ``Go into all the world``

Preaching and Teaching

How to prepare and share a message from God's Word

Epistle of Romans

A walk through one of the most central epistles in the Bible

Righteousness and Sanctification

How does God look at me and how shall my walk with Him improve?

Foundations of Our Faith

”we believe in…” – a summary of the foundational doctrines of Christianity

The Defence of Our Faith

How can I answer today's questions on faith in a biblical and intelligible way?

Faith that Overcomes

What faith is, how it grows and manifests itself in my life