Cost of Living

The bible school does not provide food or accommodation while you’re a student, and so we cannot give you an exact number for how much your year will cost you. This is however a rough guide to the most basic expenses you’ll have.



The rental prices in Uppsala vary a lot. The price of your housing depends on what living arrangement you choose and what standard you require. 

A lot of families and elders rent out a room in their house or apartment, and this is often one of the cheapest options. This is advertised as “inneboende” and you can find rooms for between 2.900-5000 SEK/month. 

If you prefer to live alone, a studio apartment is usually between 5.500-9.000 SEK/month. Renting an apartment with someone you know is also a good alternative, a two-room apartment usually costs between 8.000-10.000 SEK/month and you can find three-room apartments between 10.000-14.000 SEK/month.



If you live in a somewhat central part of Uppsala, you’ll be able to get around the city with a bike or by bus. If you live a little outside of town, it might be convenient to have a car, but you might get by with just a bus-card depending on the bus-connections close to where you live. 

A 30-day bus-card with UL (valid for all zones) costs 970 SEK for adults and 620 SEK for youth 19 years or younger. 



What your food budget will be depends on your eating habits, but here are a few price points that can give you an idea of the general price level:

Plain yoghurt, 1 L – 19 SEK

Loaf of bread (Lingongrova) – 26 SEK

Oats, 1 Kg – 19 SEK

Chicken Breast, frozen, 1 Kg – 110 SEK

Bananas, 1 kg – 22 SEK

Pasta, 500 g – 18 SEK

Eggs, 12-p – 37 SEK