Student testimonies

Transformed lives

Be encouraged by the students’ own words based on the year at Word of Life Bible School.

Lingyi Dai
Lingyi DaiChina
Attending Bible School is one of the best choices I have made in my life. It’s an amazing journey where you walk with God, experience life transformation and witness what you have never seen, heard or even imagined. 
Janette Oubrechtova
Janette OubrechtovaCzech Republic
Coming to Bible school literally saved my relationship with my family, God and myself. It has built a solid foundation of faith and changed me forever! I come from a pastor’s family but went away from God in my teens while at the same time putting up an act of perfection in church.
I came to Bible school broken and very messed up, so I asked God to save me. He did and made me completely new!
Tumba Mulamba
Tumba MulambaSweden
One thing that changed in me through bible school is that I’d never really spent that much time in God’s word or thought of him in my everyday life, but the bible school was such a help and boost. Now I see it as an honor and take every minute I can get to spend time with Him in his word.
Zach Amesmann
Zach AmesmannCanada
The year and a half I took at WLBC transformed my future in incredible ways. I learned to follow the voice of God, even when it speaks beyond my wildest imaginations!
Mariana Gil
Mariana GilMexico
Bible school is to allow God to pour melted gold through the cracks of your broken vessel. Yes, it will hurt sometimes, but you’ll never be the same and God is just beginning.
Nehemiah Abraham
Nehemiah AbrahamIndia
WLBC has changed my perspective on how to view God, people and community and instilled faith and a heart for missions in me.

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