How to apply for a Swedish visa

This information is only relevant for persons who are not EU/EES citizens or long-term residents in the EU.

Studies at Word of Life Bible Center in Sweden is labeled as ”Other types of studies” by the Swedish Migration Board. You can find more information about the requirements for receiving a residence permit for such studies and the application form on the Migration Board web page:

Studies at the Word of Life Bible Center are longer than three months, which means that you need to apply for a residence permit to study at Word of Life Bible Center.

Please consider the following when applying:

  • Studies at Word of Life Bible Center are considered full-time studies.
  • Citizens from certain countries need an entry visa to enter Sweden even for shorter periods than three months, please check information about your own country with the Swedish Embassy.
  • All students are expected to pay for their own expenses during the year or to find sponsors who will support them. Please be aware that you need to have financial support to a certain level and full health insurance while staying in Sweden. For applications submitted to the Migration Agency on 1 January 2022 or later the support requirement is a minimum of SEK 8,694 per month for a single person. Please find more information about the requirements through the link above.
  • Note that you will need a statement from your bank, showing that you have the required finances in your personal bank account, proof of insurance and an acceptance letter from the bible school before you apply for a residence permit. 
  • Families (husbands, wives and children, 15 years and under) are required to live together during the bible school year. This requirement is for the protection of the family. Husbands and wives have to apply individually to the bible school. 
  • Note that as a family you will be required to submit passports for all family members, birth certificates and a marriage certificate in the residence permit application.
  • If you have worked in a church, are planning to work in a church in the future or will study to be a pastor, church leader or similar, this can be suitable to mention in the application. If you have any connection to Sweden or the Word of Life Movement or have lived in Sweden previously, this could also be suitable to mention in the application. The Migration Board considers what you have done previously and what your future plans are and whether it is considered reasonable for you to study in Sweden.


Please also be informed that Word of Life Bible Center does not offer any scholarships or sponsorship in any form to anyone. 

You can apply for your residence permit (and if applicable, your visa) only after you have received a letter of acceptance from the Bible School.

Please note that this is not a letter of acceptance. Please note that it may take 3 months for your residence permit to be issued, so allow adequate time for processing.

Visa (only for those who come from countries where visa is requested):

For more information on visa applications for visiting Sweden less than 90 days: